South Central Texas Art League​  

​2016 Officers Wanda Wright, Secretary; Michael Moore, Vice President; John Wright, Outgoing President; Lois Weiss, President; and Debra Halling, Treasurer.

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 13, Hallet Oak Gallery, on the square in Hallettsville, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

​​South Central Texas Art League

PO Box 742

Hallettsville, Texas 77964



Current officers for SCTAL are: Lois Weiss, President; Michael Moore, Vice-President; Debra Halling, Treasurer; and Dianne Appelt, Secretary.


SCTAL welcomes everyone interested

in Art and Creativity!

 Join us the second Wednesday of every month.
Yearly Dues: Individual, $40; Couples, $60; 

 Students, $10; Sponsors, $100+

Founded in 2015 as the Hallettsville

Art League, we changed our name

to the South  Central Texas Art

League to include members from

neighboring counties. We meet

every month in Hallettsville for

programs about art, to share infor-

mation about art shows and art

activities, and to share tips, tech-

niques, and resources. ​​Registered

as a nonprofit organization, but not

a 501 3-C, the South Central Texas

Art League endeavors to enrich

our communities through sharing,

teaching, and encouraging art. We

seek cooperation with neighboring

art leagues.