Another seascape


    South Central Texas Art League​  

"Turning Towards the Dawn"

​from Natural Light Portraits

Pastoral Scene: Morning Fog #1

from "Artful Light Portraits"

Steven Pituch - Photographer

 "Waiting for the Walk."

Steve Pituch has been serious about his photography for over 50 years. Specializing in both digital and film, Pituch enjoys the noir quality of black and white film, using cameras and lenses that are often more than 30 years old. His favorite film format is 4" by 5" sheet film, which requires a traditional view camera complete with bellows, focusing cloth, and viewing ground glass.

Pituch prefers to print his own work, and he uses the finest archival materials available. A recently retired engineer, he looks forward to making photographic portraits of people and animals in a variety of environments. "If I can cause an emotional impact in someone viewing one of my photographs, which may very well mimic the feelings that I had when I pressed the shutter, then my efforts in creating that image will have been worthwhile.

from "2012 Cats"

from "Artful Light Portraits"

"The Kiss"

from "Seascapes"

"Waiting for the Sun"

​from Natural Light Portraits

"TJ & the Five Trees"

from "Artful Life Portraits"

Hay Bales Along CR 340

Seascape. Sunrise. Beautiful!