Looking Through A Williamsburg Window

Lois Weiss, shown above sharing one of her early paintings at an SCTAL meeting, has served as the art league president for the past three years. Although Lois was not an artist, she had a long history with paint and paint brushes—political posters in high school, health posters to illustrate lessons for Brazilian school children when she served in the Peace Corps, interiors of rent houses that she and her husband, Bob, had renovated, and both the interior and exterior of the new house they built when retiring to Hallettsville. It didn’t take much coaxing when a friend said, “Come on, Lois, it will be fun,” for Lois to sign up for Michael Windberg’s oil painting classes at the Hallet Oak Gallery. Still experimenting as an artist, she finds that the more difficult a project, the more she enjoys it. She is especially enjoying learning to paint portraits of friends and family.  

Nanny with Plants

Macy and Her Chickens

Elisa and Lois - Atlantic Beach, FL 1978

Zion National Park Grotto Area

Copper Kettle and Tomatoes

Reproduction of "Boy with a Flying Squirrel" 

John Singleton Copley, 1765

President Lyndon Baines Johnson




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