Debbie Halling had a fascinating program on Vincent Van Gogh at the April SCTAL meeting. There were lots of images of Van Gogh's work, but Debbie reported that you really have to see them in person to get their full impact, and she mentioned locations where they are currently on display.

Larry and Beverly Charles are working with Hallettsville High students and art teacher Stacey Powers to create a mural on a wall in the alley in back of the Hallet Oak Gallery (actually on a wall of the Home Health building). We look forward to checking out their work and hope it is a first step to getting the alley cleaned up!

Members voted February 13th to help pay for the new lighting installed at the Gallery. Exhibits show up much better, and art students can see their work much more easily! Thanks, Bob Weiss!

SCTAL Scholarship:​ Michael Moore found some local area workshops to support with our scholarship fund. 

On-going thanks to Dianne Appelt for the excellent job she is doing in reporting on meetings and advertising up-coming meetings!


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