South Central Texas Art League​  

"Sunset Delight"


Photo from previous art class.

" Shrimp Boats"


From photo  taken by my husband  

" Dancing In the Shallows"


Taken from several photos found on the internet.

"Ocean View "


Photo from class.

Phyllis  Rivera - Artist



My Mom's dog and favorite toy  ~ photo by me. 

Phyllis Rivera lived and worked in Houston, Texas, until a couple of years ago when she and her husband retired and moved near Yoakum, Texas. Phyllis, who has always had an interest in drawing and painting, started painting actively in watercolors about seven years ago. She entered into formal instruction and transitioned from watercolor to acrylics. Phyllis is now pursuing oil painting with instruction from Michael Windberg. Her favorite subjects are scenes associated with water and wildlife. She enjoys fishing, kayaking and other water sports. 

"Yellow Cabin Dreams" 


        This is an area near San Luis Pass where my husband and I used to fish.

"Texas Love"


Picture from greeting card,

"Tarpon Inn" 


 Photo from the Internet.   This was a place I stayed with my parents as a child in Port Aransas.