"Hummer" - Davis Mountains State Park, Texas. Captured spring of 2015. One of the best places in Texas to photograph birds from blinds.

"Ibis" - Brazos Bend State Park, Texas. Captured along the trail to Forty Acre Lake, fall of 2014. This park provides excellent opportunities to photograph birds and flowers throughout the year while walking on level, well maintained trails. Watch out for the alligators!

"Butterfly" - South Lavaca County. Captured at our place near Ezell, spring of 2018.

"Punch Bowl Falls" - Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Captured spring of 2014. This was a return trip to the location of my early adventures with digital photography in 2004.

Tim Sadler- Photographer

"Fall in Alaska" - Denali National Park, Alaska. Captured just inside the entrance to the park road, September 2010. Tundra colors are bright this time of the year.

"Milky way" - Yellowstone National Park. Captured at Castle Geyser, fall of 2015.

Timothy Sadler, a native Houstonian, is a retired Psychologist who moved to Lavaca County with his wife in 1997. Tim had drifted away from photography but was drawn back in as the digital revolution provided new learning opportunities. He has been traveling and chasing digital images since 2004. Favorite topics are outdoor / nature scenes with an emphasis on animals, birds and bugs.

"Water Lily" - South Lavaca County. Captured in Water Hole Creek along the road to our place near Ezell, spring of 2018.

"Cactus Bud" - South Lavaca County. Captured along the drive in to our house near Ezell, spring of 2018. The bud is about 1/4 inch tall.

"Moth" - South Lavaca County. Captured on a cactus flower on the same patch of cactus (but different pad) as the Bud along the drive to our place near Ezell.

"Grizzly" - Hallo Bay Alaska. Captured in Katmai National Park, August 2010. The bear was about 100 feet out and got significantly closer but the head shot I got at about 30 feet is a bit overwhelming.


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